Friday, July 19, 2013

Grand Jury refuses to indict in police killing of NY Marine vet


A Grand Jury refused to indict the police officer who shot Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., an elderly unarmed Marine veteran, through both arms and his lungs in his own home. A court has ruled that the White Plains police department must release information to Chamberlain’s family.

Another judge has ruled that Bradley Manning's prosecution for aiding the enemy, and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, can move forward. Manning, who admits he leaked documents and videos known as “Collateral Murder”, The “Iraq War Files”, the “Afghanistan War Files” and “The Diplomatic Cables Files” to Wikileaks, was hoping the judge would rule that the government had not met their burden of proof.

A Wisconsin man has been convicted of shooting and killing his 13-year-old neighbor. Now he hopes to be found not responsible because he was insane at the time. A video by the 76-year-old man's own surveillance equipment showed the man shooting the teen. The shooter accused the boy of stealing his guns, and the police searched the dead boy's home. None of the killer's guns was in the child's home. The teen's mother was detained by the police for over an hour even after the killer admitted to the shooting.

Finally, two companies, which planned to use fracking to extract methane gas in New York, have decided to abandon their plans. Landowners who were set to be paid by the company are upset and are preparing to sue. A commission banned the controversial practice, saying that allowing fracking could pollute the aquifer, which provides drinking water to New York City.

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