Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The three Cleveland kidnap victims speak out


The three victims of alleged kidnapper, rapist and murderer Ariel Castro each spoke out in video-recorded messages. For the first time since being rescued, the public has gotten to see the faces and hear the words of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight who wanted to thank the community for all it had done in aiding in their recovery process.

According to the Associated Press, a former Guantanamo Bay prosecutor, Retired Air Force Col. Morris Davis testified for PFC Bradley Manning’s defense and stated that secret detainee assessments that Army Pfc. Bradley Manning gave to Wikileaks did not threaten national security.

Speaking of Guantanamo Bay, over 120 Guantanamo Bay detainees continue their hunger strike to protest being held indefinitely without charges and other abuses. The hunger strike first started in March 2013 with less than half of the total amount of prisoners to now including a solid majority. Rapper and actor Yassin Bey also known as Mos Def participated in a force-feeding demonstration, which was filmed and distributed by the Human Rights organization Reprieve.

The Obama administration was asked by Muslim community leaders to stop force-feeding the detainees during the month-long fast of Ramadan that started on Monday. The US government said that barring "unforeseen emergency or operational issues" it would respect the daylight fast and try to force feed 45 detainees only at night. US District Judge Gladys Kessler in rejecting a detainee's request through lawyers to stop the practice said that she does not have the authority to do so and only the President can order it halted but she also ruled that force-feeding is almost certainly a violation of international law and medical ethics.

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