Monday, September 23, 2013

Death of professor shows America values sports more than education

A professor in Pittsburg who had cancer and huge medical bills committed suicide and her death is putting the spotlight back on how little educators are paid in America. Margaret Mary Vojtko was a long-time, part-time professor who earned only $10,000 per year. Contrast her paltry pay with a graph from a report that shows that the highest paid public employees across the nation are either football or basketball coaches.

When the dust settled after last year's elections, North Carolina Republicans began to pass laws making any number of changes, leading to mass arrests for non-violent civil disobedience in Moral Monday protests sponsored by the NAACP. Now it appears that these same legislators have tried to seize control of the Charlotte airport. Owned and operated by the city for decades, including years under Governor McCrory when he was Mayor, why did the state legislature intervene and pass a law designed to take at least some control over the airport's future? Could there be a profit motive at play?

A declassified document shows that in 1961, two hydrogen bombs were dropped inadvertently in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Just how close did America come to a nuclear weapon catastrophe?

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