Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Possible diplomatic solution on Syrian chemical weapons in the works

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*Breaking News: Russia says the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) has confirmed that the videos and photos purporting to show the victims of a chemical attack near the Syrian capital, Damascus, were fabricated.

Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to offer an opening to Syrian President Assad when he said that the US would not attack his nation if he put any chemical weapons they have under international control. After apparently being pressured by Russian President Putin, the Syrian government seems ready to do just that. That doesn't mean the end of the story. Who used these weapons? Will there be a price to pay for those who used them?

Brandon Hilton, Spartanburg's own pop star in the making, joins us on air today. He'll talk about this weekend's Upstate Pride Parade and Festival and whatever else comes to mind.

A reference to AIPAC, renown as a major Israeli pressure group, was deleted from a New York Times report recently. The article, about the march to attacking Syria, reported that the political action committee was pressuring the Obama administration to attack Syria.

Finally, both Washington and Colorado are cashing in on the financial boom they are experiencing as they legalized pot use. When more freedom also means a stronger economy, what's holding us back?

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