Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria signs agreement to put chemical weapons under international control

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The United Nations has announced that the Syrian government has signed a decree to join the international communities ban on chemical weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry seems intent to hold the Assad government to a quicker timetable than international norms, which is 30 days, but earlier this month when Kerry demanded that Assad turn over his chemical weapons in a week’s time but then admits, “It can’t be done”.

In what some consider a crack down on political expression and the right to assemble, thousands of people who participated in the Occupy Movement were arrested in 2011. In New York City alone, there were 2,812 arrests recorded by the National Lawyers Guild and only 49 were convicted on minor so-called crimes. That is a conviction rate of less than 2%.

Thousands have been evacuated in Colorado to escape Mountain towns being cut off by heavy flooding. President Obama approved federal disaster aid late Thursday night for areas along Colorado’s Front Range Mountains. There have been at least three reported deaths.

In local news, a 15 yr-old boy, Trayvon K. Dodd was found shot to death in a backyard in Greenville County on Wednesday night. The story is still developing and one person has been brought in for questioning.

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