Thursday, September 26, 2013

Senators proposing "real" reforms to NSA

Three Democrats and one Republican in the US Senate have introduced legislation to get control over the NSA. Congressional hearings begin today on a proposal the senators promise will not be "cosmetic" reform, but offer real protections to the US. Brazil? Not so much.

The Republican leadership in Congress has threatened to bring the national political process to a halt in an "I'll hold my breath until I am blue" move over funding the Afordable Care Act. Just around the corner is the "debate" over raising the national debt ceiling. Threatening a government shutdown, some Republican leaders seem prepared to run us over an economic cliff to score points. Is this what we need from Congress?

Finally, with close to a hundred billion dollars a month being poured into banks and corporate profits as big as they have ever been, it seems impossible to imagine a different economic future. The way we are headed we may have almost no control over our food, jobs, money supply or much of anything else. Even projects we may like, such as solar power projects, can turn into a nightmare because they are so big. Is it actually possible to have an economy "too big to fail", or are we headed for more economic hard times?

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