Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sen Graham's opponents oppose his stance on Syria

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been consistently pushing for US intervention in Syria including military strikes. He is the only representative from South Carolina who does support US military action. Graham is facing an upcoming Republican primary challenge and his Republican opponents are all opposed to Graham’s position on Syria.

Iran’s new president has been reaching out to the world to reduce tensions among global rivals. President Obama gave a speech at the United Nations and said that the Iranian President’s comments about the country being only interested in nuclear power for civilian uses could eventually produce a relationship of “mutual respect.” However, South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn of Columbia said that President Obama should be very wary of President Hassan Rouhani.

RT is reporting that in the short term, the Monsanto Protection Act may lose it's protection. “In its short-term government-funding bill, the US Senate will propose an end to a budget provision that protects genetically-modified seeds from litigation despite possible health risks.”

Andrew Whalen, who represents the gubernatorial campaign of Vincent Sheehan, sent our a press release reporting that the company Experian, which was contracted to monitor credit activity of South Carolinians whose personal information was stolen by hackers from state computers, is now soliciting those individuals trying to sell them their services.

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