Monday, April 15, 2013

Bomb Blasts in Boston?


At least two explosions occurred at the Boston Marathon and reports cite a bloody scene, other than that, not much details are known. Some reports cite bomb explosions but as some social media commentators have pointed out that it could have been a gas leak so there is no need to blame anyone or groups at this point.

There is an expected record high of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan this year and some reports cite NATO troop withdrawal. It should be pointed out that record crops have been reported during the height of NATO's presence in the region.

The Obama administration is pushing for greater drone use in Africa and "collateral damage" from drone strikes is still occurring in Pakistan. The ANSWER Coalition organized a march calling for an end to drone strikes on foreign soil.

Sad news to report from Greenville, SC where it is being reported that a man allegedly sexually assaulted a 4 month old baby girl. 

These stories and more from your news source for the 99%.

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