Friday, April 26, 2013

Senate moves to fund FAA

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Perhaps personally affected by the air traffic controller’s furloughs that went into effect due to sequestration, law makers in the Senate unanimously approved a bill on Thursday that gives the Department of Transportation flexibility to use unspent funds to cover the costs of air traffic controllers and other essential employees at the Federal Aviation Administration. The House is expected to approve the measure.

Conservatives budget hawks have cited the work of Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart to justify austerity measures in Europe and here in the United States. However, the work was seriously flawed and was caught by Thomas Herndon, a 28-year-old economics graduate student at UMass Amherst who pointed out Rogoff and Rienhart made an error in their use of an Excel spreadsheet. Thomas Herndon was a featured guest of South Carolina's native son Stephen Colbert on the popular political comedy show The Colbert Report.

In a tragic story out of Hartsville, SC, four children died from smoke inhalation while hiding in a closet when the mobile home they lived in caught fire. Their mother Hope Hawkins has been charged with four counts of unlawful conduct toward a child and four counts of homicide by child abuse because she allegedly left the four children alone in the home that ranged from the ages of 10 months old to 4 years old. In related news, a Charlotte teenager, Sharon Reene Cuthbertson was charged with misdemeanor child neglect after a 2-year-old left in her care was found wandering a busy road not far from his home. According to the Charlotte Observer, Good Samaritan Bernice Thomas was on her way to work before dawn Wednesday when her roommate spotted a 2-year-old boy walking into the street ahead of their car.

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