Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Medicare for all w/ Dr. Margaret Flowers


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Guest: Dr. Margaret Flowers and Medicare for All!

Dr. Margaret Flowers joins us today to discuss healthcare issues. In 2010 she penned an open letter to President Obama hoping for real healthcare reform.

Yesterday President Obama proposed a budget for 2014 that would require millionaires to pay more in taxes.

The United States is looking to "upgrade" its nuclear arsenal while reducing funding for nuclear non-proliferation efforts. Some of the money would go towards helping to fund construction of a uranium processing plant in Tennessee. Will the Iranians and/or North Koreans look at this as hypocrisy? How does this move make the world a safer place to live?

A Spartanburg man gets robbed and pistol whipped after he went to meet a person who answered his ad about buying furniture  The man went to a house to look at the furniture but said when he was being led to the back of the house, "something did not feel right". He began to reach for his legally owned handgun but the robber pulled his own gun and started assaulting him with it knocking him to the ground.

These stories and more from your news source for the 99%.

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