Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Bomb Blasts Day 3

5:00PM EST

Alex Jones may be another media "personality tuning in to Occupy the Microphone. The OTM crew yesterday discussed Chris Mathews repeating news brought up by Daisy first on the show that is the news source for the 99%. 

Yesterday Daisy speculated on all possible scenarios and suspects and pointed out that Boston was where the first Tea Party took place in 1773. Alex Jones more recently was known for his battle on CNN with Piers Morgan over gun control. Alex Jones has allegedly said the attack was a "false-flag" that would be blamed on the "Tea Party".  

While not going as far as to label the attacks on Boston as an deliberate act of terror by the government, questions do arise from a news report published by NBC affiliate in a piece done by staff member John Dzenitis. The report features an interview with a college track coach who says he was told by an officer not to worry about the bombing, it was part of a "training exercise .  There were also reports of a bomb going off at a library in Boston on the same day.

In a bizarre case out of Humble, Texas, a teacher defended herself against allegations of inappropriately touching a seven-year old student by stating she, 61-year-old Esther Irene Stokes, is a racist and never touches black children.

South Carolina laws make it near impossible to make public the personal income of elected public officials. At least one former Republican South Carolina legislator stands accused of owning stock in a company that received public funds totalling thirty-million dollars.

This news and more from your source for the 99%.

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